An astrologers day annotated

An Astrologer's Day

The author begins the story by telling the reader the details of the simple life of an astrologer. The street where he operates has many vendors, such as medicine sellers, magicians, etc. The astrologer conducts his business by the "light of a flare which is crackled and smoked up above the groundnut heap nearby" once darkness descends.

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The man is not trained to become an astrologer and has little knowledge of the stars but he depends solely on his wits, his power of observation and his insight into the human mind. With experience, he has learned the tricks of the trade. He talks about safe topics like marriage, money, and relationships and takes to speak only after the client has revealed enough about himself. One day, after having finished his daily business, he is about to leave for home when he sees a man close by and hopes to make him a client.

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The man demands the astrologer tell him something worthwhile about his future. The astrologer tries his usual tricks about talking marriage or money but the man wants to hear answers of his specific questions. At this stage, the man lights a cheroot and in the dim light of the matchstick the astrologer looks at the man's face and is unnerved. He tries to withdraw from the challenge and asks him to take his money back but the man holds his wrist and tells him he can not get out now.

The astrologer tells the client that he had been stabbed and pushed into a well presuming he was dead. The astrologer addresses him by his name, Guru Nayak. The astrologer has not only the traditional paste of holy ash and vermillion applied on his forehead but also wears a bright gleam in his eyes.

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The position of his eyes between the dazzling forehead and the streaming beard announce his trade to his clients loud and clear. The saffron-turban which he wears adds a telling effect to his overall appearance.

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How did the setting help in attracting his customers? He pursued his trade under a tamarind tree standing beside a pathway running through the Town Hall Park. Moreover, the man had interesting peddlers as his neighbours, some of whose customers would get drawn to him to know their future. A man sold medicines near him. Another peddled junk goods and stolen hardware at throw-away prices.

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