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When we look out at the sky, we see basically a semi-circle, with the lower boundary being the visible horizon. We know that there is more out there than we can see, beyond the horizon and far away beyond the opposite side of the earth.

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The sky forms a big circle actually a sphere around us. Part of that sphere is the apparent path of the planets and the Sun and Moon. That is the zodiac. The wheel of a chart is degrees. So is the wheel of the zodiac. Think of the zodiac wheel as wrapping around the outside of the chart wheel. Although the daily direction of the Sun and planets around the circle of the sky is clockwise, the houses of a chart follow one another in a counterclockwise direction.

Astrology Houses: Angular, Succedent, Cadent

This difference is explained by the fact that the Sun, Moon and planets only appear to circle us every day. Actually the earth is rotating on its axis and facing the successive areas of the zodiac in a clockwise fashion. The normal motion of the planets forward through the degrees of the zodiac circle is in a counterclockwise direction, the same as the positioning of the houses.

All of us have the 12 houses in our charts, in the same positions relative to one another and relative to the four directions. The houses are defined by the directions and orient the zodiac to the directions from a particular place on earth at a particular time. It is also indisputable, but it is relative and depends on the longitude and latitude from which one is viewing the sky, as well as the time of year since the earth is tilted with the Northern Hemisphere leaning north in the winter and south in the summer.

The angles are considered the most powerful positions on the chart wheel. At the 7th House Descendant , we make one-to-one contact with others on a personal level. Although astrologers cannot argue about the horizon line and vertical axis these are fixed positions according to the four directions , they have disagreed about how to slice the pie of the sky up into the 12 pieces called the Houses. Some astrologers prefer to use houses which are all equal in size.

This system is called the Equal House system. Frequently it is used when the birth time is not known. As the world spins around every day, any particular place on earth faces each part of the zodiac circle at some point during every day.

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Thus all the degrees of the zodiac touch each of the houses at some point each day. There is not always a one-to-one correspondence of signs to houses or vice versa. Some houses in a chart will be smaller and some will be bigger. A small house might be 15 degrees, a large one maybe Some houses can be so big, an entire sign falls within its boundaries.

Some astrologers feel this occurs after about age 29, while other say more like When planets move around the chart, they visit big houses longer and small houses more quickly. A house can also be said to be intercepted when it begins and ends all in one sign.

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Any planet inside the house will also affect the matters of the house. They come after the succedent houses and before the angular houses. We can look at cadent houses as being the thought or lack of it that we do before we take action angular houses. They also show the analysis and criticism we do on the resources we already have the succedent houses. Without cadent houses, we would never grow or develop. We would stay stuck with what we already have succedent houses and never be able to think before acting.

Cadent Houses are the backup of Angular House action. Short trips are also governed here, any trip that takes less than a day. The Third House is only for facts. The Ninth House is where they get put together. The Sixth House: Fun, games, and creativity are nice, but eventually we have to get to work. The Sixth House shows how we perform work. This is no career. It is simply how we do any task, whether on the job or in our personal life. This is the house of service , both given and received.


It shows the kind of service you provide, and the quality of service you get back from others. If the dry cleaner messes up your clothes or a sales clerk is rude to you, check this house. Actually, you should check it first before any trouble comes up. If anyone you know is confused about house systems, send them this article. Thank you Jay! I should say though that these are my own views and probably do not reflect the opinions of everyone in the astrological community or among professional astrologers necessarily.

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“It Works For Me”™: Different Purposes for Different House Systems

Skip to content. Where do Houses come from? The places ahead of each angle represent conditions prior to that stage in life indicated by the angle, the places following each angle represent conditions past that stage in life indicated by the angle. These dynamics surrounding each angle provide a purely astronomical basis for house meanings.

Cadent house

Horizonal Position Houses above the horizon are about intangible things of the mind or spirit, whereas houses below the horizon, effectively through the ground below, are about tangible, physical things of the body or matter. Many of the planetary and sign placements in the Thema Mundi are suggestive of topics associated with those places. Exaltations are a blend of planetary, zodiacal and horizonal concepts, and are therefore relevant to the interpretation of houses. Similarly, the exaltations of the planets in the Thema Mundi are suggestive of the topics associated with those places.

Counter-argument: ::incoherent grumbling:: Counter-counter-argument: sorrynotsorry Why else are there 12 houses, if not to describe the 12 places each of the 12 signs can be when one of them is rising? No intercepted houses to worry about. What if new house systems since then are better? Appreciating this house system in its historical context is important because we can contextualize fundamental rationales underlying different house systems, and whether they are departures or in the same vein.

Uh, yeah you can.

It came from a time when whole sign houses was the predominant house system and only requires knowledge of its ascending sign. The only other two ancient divisions, Equal and Porphyry are not able to account for the arrangement of the Thema Mundi.

Also, the Joys are houses which match the natures of particular planets. This dynamic is completely lost in quadrant-based systems where the 1st is always nocturnal. The significations of houses partly derive from their whole sign aspect to the Ascendant, which whole sign houses preserves.

It matches the triadic organization of house significations, by considering the space around an angle rather than the space between angles. Counter-argument: ::Eyeroll:: Counter-counter-argument: ::shrug:: This is also partly a consequence of whole sign houses being more or less the original house system, so it bears the closest relationship to the original rationale for house significations.

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An hour system, like this: This is my chart with Placidus divisions, with each Placidus division divided equally to create the 24 planetary hours. Putting Them All Together So you can see how this allows different divisions to be used together, because they can all measure different things. Liked it?